Friday, March 18, 2011

A Quiet Winters Eve at Casa Garcia

As winter comes to a gentle end (or more accurately, a screaming stop), MrG begins his springtime preparation routine....put away the fire pit, bring out the patio furniture, fluff up the patio umbrella.

On this fine Friday night, we had some wood left to burn before he could feel good about turning winter into spring, so he lit a fire for the three of us. "Me Man. Me Make Fire. Ug!"

So, we sat on our patio, roasting our marshmallows and making smores. The birdies were singing, and the crickets were chirping.

Oh yeah, and the air conditioner units were humming all around us. Because today, the last Friday of winter? It was 85 steamy degrees in Irving, Texas.

So we sat around our fire, enjoying each others company and the last smores of the season. Then we went inside to freaking cool off.

Makes me wonder what July is going to hold.....

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allaboutclassicpostitnotes said...

I just found your blog an got a lot of laughs! I'll be sure to check out from time to time. And yes, spring is like summer in most places when it comes to Texas!

- Post It Girl