Friday, February 01, 2008

Play Nicely, Please

There is just too damn much "mean" going on out there right now. As a shout out to decent folks and happiness, here are 10 things you can do TODAY to brighten someone else's day.

1. Open the door and hold it for the person behind you.
2. At the grocery store, let the guy behind you with just a few items move in front of you in line.
3. Smile and say thank you when someone helps you.
4. Instead of pushing your floor button frantically, hold the elevator for the person a few steps back.
5. Give up your seat on the bus, subway, tram, or shuttle.
6. I know you're beat down from a day at the office, but that guy you live with? The one who promised to love you till death do you part? Ask him about his day and really mean it. And when he answers, really listen.
7. Spend time just being present for your kid(s). Listen, make eye contact, hug, kiss, repeat.
8. Let someone merge in front of you on the freeway.
9. Buy a hot chocolate for someone cold, or a sandwich for someone hungry.
10. When in doubt, take the high road. Better to be nice than not.

With the exception of #9, these are all FREE, easy ways we can bring a little love to the people around us. I promise you, it will all come around to you!

1 comment:

WA said...

All good reminders--and really, just common courtesy that people seem to forget.

#11: Do not talk on your cellphone about your "strange itchiness" when waiting in line at Starbucks behind Wendi