Friday, June 27, 2008

Toilet Tattoos??

From the Friday Are You Kidding Me Files.....

Toilet Tattoos, the only way to crown your throne. In case you're wondering, a Toilet Tattoo is a vinyl stick on for your toilet lid. If you'll cruise their website,, you'll find toilet training, and seasonal themes to fit your every mood.

From the Moose at Sunset for your early morning tinkle to the Butterflies-a-flutter after too much Mexican Food, Toilet Tattoos enhance your potty experience like the JC Penney catalog never could.

For the patriotic out there, you can order your very own Stars & Stripes version, right in time for the superbowl of patriotic holidays. Good times, friends. Good times.

The good news is they are hygenic and re-usable. Thank heavens, if they are reusable, at least they are hygenic. At least as hygenic as something located in the bathroom can be. Where in the world would one store a hygenic toilet cover after its removal from the toilet? Linen cabinet? Garage? So much to consider.

Goodness gracious.

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