Monday, June 30, 2008

For MrG....Every day, you choose to stay.

MrG, this one is for you. Just as I did for our precious baby girl (see sdfgarcia: For Little G3), I feel obliged to pay tribute to the decision you make every day to be a part of our lives.

You stood with me nine years ago in front of God and our family and friends and pledged to be there for me and with me, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, forsaking all others till death do we part.

I wonder if you really knew then what you were signing on for? True, we had been together for nearly five years, and certainly you knew what I brought to the party. I wonder though, if you had any idea what our life together would bring.

Did you know then how much you would love me, exhausted and bleary eyed, nursing our newborn baby? Did you have any inkling of the inner turmoil that being a husband and dad entailed? Did you know the absolute joy of being a beloved Daddy would bring you?

Nine years later, every day, you choose to stay. Where a lesser man would run screaming from the room, you have planted yourself like a giant oak tree, sturdy and stong.

You never gripe when the house gets all cluttered, or the laundry goes undone for so long that we either have to wash or buy new clothes. Ok, so you gripe about it sometimes, but those times are few and far between.

You never complain if what I feed you comes from a drive-through. And when I do cook, you really, truly don't care what it is. I am so thankful that even though your mom fed you homemade meals every day of your life, that you never fuss when I don't. And I love it that Sunday morning "big breakfast" has become a part of the tradition that is our family.

You tolerate my personal quirks and live with the total insanity that living with a four-year old brings. If my odd hobbies offend you in any way, you keep it to yourself and just let me do what I need to do for my own peace of mind and sanity. Sometimes you flick me some crap about it, but that's just you being you. I know you tolerate me and my oddities, and I know you delight in being contrary when you can.

You work weird hours sometimes, even when your job requires a trip out of town, or a Saturday night at the office. You do it because we are yours and you do what it takes to take care of us, even if that means giving up a Saturday night. I've said many times before, and I mean it - thank you for working so hard to take care of us.

You are truly happy just to have time with your girls. A lazy weekend afternoon taking a family nap makes you happy, and just spending time together is all you need. How different our world would be if we were overscheduling us just for the sake of crossing "stuff" off a to-do list.

I look around at the broken marriages and lives of people we know, and I just feel like I should acknowledge and validate for you that I know making a life with someone else isn't easy. You could pack your stuff and go - just leave and be done with the clutter and the craziness any time.

And yet, every day, you choose to stay. And every day, I love you more than the one before.


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Chad and Mary Kate Martin said...

The last line sums up exactly what my heart wishes I could tell my own husband. Until then he will have to read your blog and know that it says what I can not find the words to say.