Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tis the Season! Well, almost anyway.

I'm in trouble. MrG caught me whistling Carol of the Bells in the kitchen today as I waded through the junk mail. Clearing his throat loudly, he officially put the kibosh on the Christmas carols, at least until December 3.

Most of you know me very well, and you know that Christmas is without fail my very favorite time of the year, but there are other things to celebrate first.

This is a big week for holidays in our family. LittleG turns five on Thursday, then we have the annual Pilgrimage to Pecos for Thanksgiving. We see my inlaws precious few times each year, so any time we get with them is special time.

My dear sweet brother-in-law has a birthday sometime on or around Thanksgiving, I can't ever seem to get it straight. And I will forget, as I do every year, to remember him appropriately.

My BFF's birthday is coming up on December 2nd, then the Christmas season officially kicks off.

And so it will begin. You think I had lots of things to say this season about politics? Heck, I haven't even been interested in politics until this year! I've been obsessed with Christmas now for 41 years, so I have lots and lots to share with you during the next month.

In the meantime readers, please send happy birthday wishes to my little Doodlebug of Love as we celebrate her birthday. Think about Jhn (yes, that's what we call him). And take time out next week to be grateful for what you have.

If you need some inspiration, click here: My Thanksgiving Blessing

My brain is already bubbling with lots of fun things, so check back soon. Happy Holidays!


Chad and Mary Kate Martin said...

Happy Birthday LittleG! What a great year you have ahead of you!

Thank you for the blessing reminder.

And the reason you have the Carol of the Bells song in your brain is that darn Garmon commercial. Getta Getta Garmon Getta Getta Garmon -- I can't handle another 36 days of this!

Big Al said...

11/25....I have it on my outlook so it reminds me every year. You should look into that. hallmark sends reminders out as well.