Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Third Day of Christmas, the year 2008

When I was growing up, my folks went nuts at Christmas. My dad had his favorite ornaments and decorations, and they had to be set so he could see them from his big chair. My mom pulled out all the stops during the holidays. We had the Christmas hand towels in the bathroom. And the nativity scene in the den. And angels on high in the kitchen. And the tree, oh, the tree!

Those memories are happy ones for me, and I would like to think I can bring the same sort of traditions to our family so that one day thirty five years from now LittleG will have the same kinds of memories.

Regretfully, we have much less space in our crowded little starter home for spreading out big nativity scenes, Christmas Villages, and towering Christmas trees. We do the best that we can by carving out a few square feet for our tree, and this year, MrG and I decorated the front of the house with sparkly icicle lights, five little yard size Christmas trees, and net lights in our front shrubs. Oh, and I spend the next three weeks with various and sundry Christmas candy and cookie ingredients spread out across the kitchen. Don't judge me, people.

I have started a Christmas tradition for me and LittleG that centers on the tree trimming. We play Christmas videos, make hot chocolate, and pop the cheesy Christmas themed Pillsbury sugar cookies into the oven to bake while we decorate the tree. Once the tree is up, I let her watch Christmas videos whenever she wants to (within reason, of course), and we read The Night Before Christmas.

This year, I bribed her during a trip to Steinmart by telling her if she would just behave a few more minutes that she could pick out any ornament in the store, and that would be the very first one we put on our tree. Worked like a charm, and thank heavens my beautiful, brilliant child chose a little clear acrylic angel instead of a big gaudy awful shiny thing she could have chosen.

So here is our little tree, decorated with love, for all of us to enjoy this holiday season.

Oh, Tannenbaum!

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Big Al said...

Oh, the bodyless angel mobile.