Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have achieved Nerd Nirvana

I got an email at the office today as follows:

Subject: Oh goddess of the spreadsheet

Will you help a lame mortal with Excel?

Now how, exactly, do you turn down a request for help from anyone (much less a beloved co-worker) who refers to you as a goddess (of anything) AND thinks you have it going on well enough to solve a problem??

I did, by the way, have the answer.

I SERIOUSLY need a dose of coolness in my life. Now where did I put that damn pocket protector?


Shelly said...

I too love EXel and am the office go-to person for advice and how to's. Who knew we had so much in common. Really must meet in person someday.

Chad and Mary Kate Martin said...

You ARE a goddess of many things...Excel is just one of them - and thank GOD for that! You are my hero!! Slaughtering of the innocent cupcake in your honor!