Friday, April 03, 2009

Math, Lady Steele Style

Fresh air + sunshine + ten bags of mulch + family = good

Five year old + actual, honest to God worms + fresh dirt = bad

Water hose + dirty siding = good

Five year old + water hose + fresh dirt = bad

White beans + Zatarains white bean seasoning + Crock pot + 10 hours = good

Laundry in washer + 48 hours = bad

Bottle of white wine + exhausted grown ups + sleeping late in the morning = good

MrG + Lady Steele + LittleG + Home Depot + American Express Card = we'll see in the morning

I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to come home after a week like this and spend some in the yard with fresh bags of mulch and the people I love the most!

We had a great time in the yard and it looks fabulous. And yes, we used 10 bags of mulch in the FRONT yard. Came in to a terrific meal - I heart my crock pot!! And now, we will relax with some tivo'd shows and a nice bottle of wine. Take your happiness where you get it folks, and be thankful.

Happy Weekend.

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