Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

What is it about new babies that makes them so fabulous? Is it the soft skin, that wonderful baby lotion smell, the promise of a new life? The little noises they make? The gurgles and giggles and smiles they can’t control?

Fabulous. All of it, just fabulous!

This has been a particularly fertile year for the people in my immediate orbit. From my niece who was born in September to girlfriends at work and friends of our family, each little person brings something new to the party.

This blog celebrates the lives of 12 special babies and the people who love them:

Catherine C. ~ September 14, 2007
Emma A. ~ December 27, 2007
Davis W. ~ February 9, 2008
Finley L. ~ February 20, 2008
Cameron A. ~ April 14, 2008
Syndey B. ~ April 17, 2008
Natalie G. ~ May 2, 2008
Emma E. ~ May 28, 2008
Gavin S. ~ June 20, 2008
Katelyn D. ~ June 28, 2008
Rylee M. ~ July 31, 2008
Madison M. ~ August 5, 2008

In this group, most remarkably, there are 12 little minds who know no bounds.

When I think about how technology has changed in my lifetime, I am almost overwhelmed at the possibilities for the technology these children will have at their disposal. What new gadget is some geek out there working on right now that one of these children might ultimately use to impact life as we know it?

Will one of these grow up to cure cancer? Win the New York Marathon? Find an alternative energy source that will save our planet? Maybe one will be the next president of the USA, or the guy who pulls the rug out from under the president someday.

Whatever their destiny, I know at the very least that these children will touch those who love them to their very core. Welcome to our world, little ones. We’re glad you’re here.

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