Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rain, Rain, Falling Down!!

First, Happy Birthday Mom and Addison! We wish we could have been there with you today to celebrate, but keeping Typhoid Mary home seemed like a better idea. We love you guys!

For the record, as I began this blog today, it is 3:20 pm on Sunday, August 17. Here's what our local ABC affiliate has on its website about our weather......

Yes! It says it's 84º. In Texas. In August. During what should be the hottest part of the day. I actually can walk out on the patio barefooted without my skin searing and sticking to the pavestones. I may even be able to cook the cedar plank salmon for our dinner outside on the grill without getting heat stroke.

There are birds in the yard again. I don't know where they go when it gets too hot to breathe, but they are back, and that's all that matters. The squirrels are tormenting the dogs, and I don't have to worry about heat exhaustion for rodent or canine. (You might wonder why I care about heat exhausted rodents, but if you have to ask, you've never met Lilly, or seen her bring a dead squirrel carcass to the back door. But that's another blog).

It's probably worth noting that during 3 out of the next 4 days, we're forecast to have rain and thunderstorms. Please note that the highs don't get much into the 90s, and Tuesday night, a bone chilling low of 69º is in store for us.

CAN. NOT. WAIT.!!!!!

After a brutal few weeks of 100+ temperatures, it looks like we are in for manageable heat, and maybe some much needed rain. I understand from the guys on TV that "Rain" is that wet substance that falls inexplicably from the sky. They say there will probably be enough rain make mud in the yard where the grass used to live, before it turned brown and burned to a crisp.

The weather guys are all in a dither, using phrases like "severe thunderstorms" and "chance of localized flooding." Like either one of those is such a bad thing! I say BRING. IT. ON.

I woke in the night last night because our house seemed unreasonably still and quiet. I realized that the A/C unit had cut off for the first time in probably 3 weeks. I got up and checked the thermostat on the wall to see if it had cut out because it finally burned itself up, or if it had in fact brought our house to a comfortable temperature. I was shocked and ecstatic to see that the A/C had not died and in fact had brought the temperature in our house down BELOW the set point on the unit. Alert the media!!

So there is hope that Casa Garcia won't explode from the heat this week. If we can get LittleG well, everything will be right and good in the world.....

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