Friday, August 01, 2008

Did this conversation really just happen?


Yes, LittleG.

I get a car when I turn 16, right?

Who told you that you get a car when you turn 16?

I don't know, Mom. I just know. I'm really smart. So, do I get a car when I turn 16?

I don't know, Sugar, we'll have to see. Maybe you can have this car when you turn 16.

What car will you have, Mom?

Maybe Mom will have a new car by then.

Mom, I've got a plan. How about you keep this car and I get a new car?

I'm not sure I like that plan. Let's talk again about this - 11 years from now work for you?

WTF...she's not even 5 yet, and she's already negotiating for a car, and a new one at that. Clearly, I am ill equipped to deal with this!!!

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