Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sure Happy It's Thursday, not TGIF

Oh, the sheer unbridled joy of a vacation day all to myself! I scheduled it last week - just a day for me. And in advance, so I didn't have to come up with some lame-ass reason for calling in sick that no one would be believe anyway. I did it right - no karma is going to wreck this for me!

A day to clean out the closets, or not. A day to take a nap, or not. A day to have a long lunch with a girlfriend, or not. The whole dang day, with the exception of an hour's worth of errands. Mine, Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!

You already know where this is going, don't you?

What good is a day off if you're on mom duty all day? And so it began, as I was dropping LittleG off at daycare:


Yes, LittleG.

My ear hurts.

Hurts like it needs a kiss or hurts like you're sick?

Like it needs a kiss.



Yes, LittleG

My ear still hurts. Can I go see Doctor Kay?

We'll see, baby. I will call and get you an appointment for VERY late this afternoon.

Ok, Mom.

Hello, pediatrician's office? I need an appointment for my kid. What do you have late in the day? Oh, everyone is out today? That's a shame. How about tomorrow? 2 pm? Great, I'll take it.

My Mommy Instinct told me right then just to listen for the "Brown Eyed Girl" ringtone to bust out from my current POS phone. Lo and behold, it did.


Yes, Miss Sally.

LittleG has been complaining that her ear hurts.

And, just like that - vacation day, gone. Poof!

Luckily, we have an after hours urgent care clinic at our doctor's office. There is a note on the check-in desk that says to sign the arrival time sheet and that the receptionist will begin checking patients in at 5 pm. The doctor could arrive as late as 5:30, so be prepared to wait. In other words, sucks that you're sick, but please sit down until we call your name.

LittleG and I got there at 4:25 and signed in. That's when the karma kicked in for me. At 4:30, the receptionist magically appeared. At 4:35, the doctor strolled in. We were first on the list, in and out of there, prescription in hand, before the stroke of 5. And that included wait time at the pharmacy.

So we are a few hours in on the first dose of Augmentin. She ate a good dinner, had a nice bath, and conked out three songs into the night night music.

If the karma holds, then she'll be good to go by Monday when we are supposed to start swimming lessons. I shudder to think how our luck would have gone if I'd rolled the dice and called in sick today instead......

Ever forward, friends.

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Chad and Mary Kate Martin said...

ALso on that list could have been visit friend with new baby...