Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9 Days and Counting!!!

Well, I've done it. I've jumped on the iPhone band wagon. On Monday, I stood in line for 30 minutes at AT&T where a nice lady named Theresa stifled a giggle when I asked her if there was any chance at all I could get a phone that day.

With her coworkers snickering at me, Theresa tapped out some stuff on her keyboard, I swiped my Amex card, and she sent me out of the store with a promise to call as soon as the phone gets to the store. Two weeks, she says, but they've been coming much sooner, like 10 days. Much sooner to me is 10 hours, so clearly we are not on the same wavelength.

I'm beginning to feel like a teenager in love. I keep driving by the AT&T store, hoping against hope that Theresa will be dialing my current POS phone at the exact minute I am driving by. It's the grownup equivalent of "is he looking through the window?" In the meantime, the people in the Chipotle across the street probably think I'm a stalker.

I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get my hand on this little electronic nugget! 16G of space that I can fill to my little heart's content. And it's BLACK - dark and sinister like the bad Spiderman guy. No mamby pamby white one for this minivan mom!!!

I've been surfing the Apple website for three days now, trying to figure out how not to go broke buying cool stuff for the phone. My wish list is long and distinguished already. There's a shopping list that will surely revolutionize the way I work the Walmart. (That sounds a little dirty, but you know exactly what I mean!!). And electronic books, because the audio books and real live ink and paper ones I have in my "to read" stack certainly are not reading themselves. And games, and music, and navigation, and something called Twitter, which I can apparently use to broadcast my every move. Heavens - I may never turn the damn thing off!!

I sort of feel like LittleG...."Mom, is it time yet?"
"Mom, when will it be time?"
"Mom, this is taking forever!"
"Mom, is it time yet???"

Come on AT&T, help a mother out here, will ya???

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