Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lincee's Bachelorette Blog

I have an update on Lincee and her blog it is from Lincee herself:

"It was down due to high traffic. Then Jason got it back up. And then I posted. And it was up for five seconds. And now the server people are having some sort of weird connection between Eurpose and the US. So it's just can't log on. I think I might jump out my window. Keep checking. Should be fixed soon. "

Friends, a moment of silent prayer, if you will, so that Lincee doesn't fling herself from the window. The second story fall isn't enough to really hurt her, but she might break a hand or something, and then she couldn't blog. And that would suck. For all of us.

Let's hope this downtime gives her the chance to work on her important list of questions that we all submitted.

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