Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Friday Stuff

Here's an update on the dog. After several vet trips and approximately 1 1/2 mortgage payments later, we think she's on the upswing. Dr. B (aforementioned BEST.VET.IN.THE.WORLD!) tells us she seems to be doing better.

He did some exploratory surgery to see if he could figure out what the problem is, and so far, all we have to show for it is some stitches. On the upside, she is chasing Lilly around again and playing tug of war with the rope. So, I guess that's good news. And really, the best news of all is that we don't have any bad news.

I had a big ugly deadline at work yesterday. Being in sales can be as exhilarating as it is terrifying, and believe me I've been on both ends of the spectrum all week. I had a major sale close today, much more than I had planned or prepared for, but I was delighted for my success. My numbers aren't where they need to be yet but we still have a few days of wiggle room, so the final tally remains to be seen. My goal over the next week or so is to try to get a good night's sleep each night and go in fresh, prepared for whatever the day may bring.

In spite of the fact that our office officially closed at noon today for summer hours, I stuck it out until after 5 (5:05 qualifies as after 5!) and just kept on plugging away. I'm really proud that I had the internal fortitude to do what needed to be done, even when no one was watching. I think that has something to do with work ethic or maybe integrity, but regardless, I was proud of myself for not throwing in the towel and going for a martini around 2.

So, toot toot for me. Speaking of Toot, Toot, I have to give a shout out to my baby sister who has been nominated as a Woman to Watch in the Illinois CPA society. She is a CPA who until a year ago was at a public firm in Chicago. She was recruited as a CFO for a homebuilder and has somehow managed to keep the ship afloat during the past year, riding the wave of housing woe after housing woe. People she worked for and now works for said really nice things about her, and even if she doesn't "win" I think she's truly proud to have been nominated. And I am proud for her. And our dad, who was himself a CPA, is surely smiling down upon his youngest daughter.

I'm a little sad that the Bachelorette has come to an end. I truly can't stand the show, but I got hooked on Lincee Ray's blog a couple years ago, and watching the show just makes her writing that much better. You can read all about her at (

I'm excited that Big Brother will be starting again this weekend. We are having Fajita-Rama at Casa Garcia, where the foolish among us (read me and my best friend) will watch the premier of the summer season. And of course, there's a blog to go along with that,too. Catch Hamster Dame on (

MrG and I will have some quality grown up time this weekend, thanks to Nana. I think we are going to do something exciting like buy new barstools for the kitchen. And I'm definitely getting a pedicure. And maybe a nap. Good times, friends, good times.

Happy weekend to all, and cross your fingers that my muse comes up with something interesting for the next blog.


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