Tuesday, July 22, 2008

47 Things

Our family has had some sadness this week that I’m just not ready to put out there yet for the unwashed masses to read about. I’m still processing how I feel about our loss and how to properly pay tribute to a man unlike any other in the world,who touched not only my family, but hundreds of others around him. I’m going to think on this one awhile, and I really hope it will be worth it when it finally comes out.

In the meantime, I want to give a shout out to my Uncle Jim, who got a little coverage in Finding your passion at work. Uncle Jim and I have a lot in common, one of which is a strange attraction to the numbers 74 and 47. Since I’m feeling pretty lazy and this has been one beat-down of a week, I’m going to give you my top 47.

The 47 things on this list fall into one of three categories: guilty pleasures, things I can’t live without, and random stuff that brings me joy. It’s impossible to rank these in order of importance or preference. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I need some sort of order in my life, so here’s my list, alphabetically:

1. A brand new novel from a favorite author
2. A fresh satin pillowcase, cool on my face at night
3. A handful of precious friends who mean more to me than they will ever know
4. Afternoon naps
5. Ahi Tuna Tower and Sundae Roll from Bluefish
6. Being recognized for an accomplishment in a group of my peers
Big Brother and Survivor
8. Brand new babies – soft and powdery, full of promise
9. Chick flicks
10. Chocolate mint ice cream
11. Decorating cakes
12. DVR
13. Family I truly, truly love. You know who you are.
14. Hearing my nephew say, “I love you Aunt NiNi”
15. Hearing my niece laugh
16. Holding hands with people I love
17. Hot salty popcorn and Milk Duds, all mixed up together at the movies
18. Icy cold beer
19. Landing a really big sale
20. Landing a small sale I had to work really hard to earn
21. Laughing with my best friend till my sides ache and tears run down my face
22. Lilly, greeting me as though I am the most important person on the planet
23. Lincee Ray from Ihategreenbeans.com
24. LittleG, tousled and sleepy, first thing in the morning
25. Making people laugh or touching them enough that they cry
26. Michael Row the Boat Ashore
27. MrG
28. My iPod
29. My SonicCare toothbrush
30. Peeps
Play that Funky Music by White Cherry
32. Pretty necklaces
33. Seeing MrG and LittleG curled up together watching a favorite show
34. Shiny cars, fresh from the car wash
35. Singing Veggie Tales songs with LittleG in the car
36. Starbucks Iced Venti Quad Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte
37. Sugar cracking on a crème brulee
38. Texas A&M
39. Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
40. The first rainstorm after a long hot summer
41. The perfectly mixed Cape Cod
42. The season’s first chill in the air
43. The warm spot the dog leaves when she’s curled up on the foot of my bed
44. The way a freshly made bed with fragrant, soft linens feels when you first slide under the covers
45. Trinity, lounging on the patio even though the pavestone is probably hot enough to sear flesh
46. Watching
You’ve Got Mail
47. Wendi Aarons

You think you can come up with 47 of your own? I’d love to hear your list!


WA said...

Oh...thank you! That's really nice of you to include me on your list. I love many of the same things, esp. The Desiderata, which I have framed in two places in my house. Also, the Cinnamon Dolce Latte--that's my drink. Oh, and also the creme brulee one---hmmm, maybe I can just steal your list?

Big Al said...

Peeps! Oh, that brings back memories!