Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I heart Richard Castle

I took a night off tonight. It's 10:18 pm, and the dinner dishes are still on the table, and the laundry sits unfolded in its sad little basket on the floor.

And I could care less!! I sat on my behind under a blanket and a dog and watched two hours of television in an hour and a half this evening.

I am in love with Richard Castle, the fictional crime writer character in ABC's Castle. He's gorgeous, funny, and he WRITES! Oh, be still my beating heart. I fully expect ABC to cancel this show in the next week, because that's what always happens when I love a show this much.

Thank heavens for the miracle that is TIVO, especially TIVO with CBS Monday night comedies on it! If you're not watching Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, you ought to be. These are absolutely hysterical and SO worth burning an evening.

Best line of the night...WAIT. FOR. IT..."Little Barney says mahalo!"

Good night, all. Well, almost good night. I've gotta do the dang dishes first.
I don't know whether to hope tomorrow night is more productive for me or not!

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