Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make it go away, please!

To quote LittleG, "Let me understand this to you."

My soul is stressed. I did not sleep well last night, and while I was very busy at work today, I just don't know how productive I was. My foot hurts and I have a toothache. My trendy new supershort do already needs a trim. My toes look terrific (thank you Lena!) but the rest of me is heading south rapidly.

What is a girl to do? I'm not wack-a-doodle enough to have my moods chemically adjusted, so I just have to wing it. Here are some things I've actually tried today in an effort to self-medicate:

Skinny Cinny (thank you, Daniel. You are DA MAN!)
Whoppers Robins Egg candies
Grocery shopping over lunch
Audiobook (well, 30 minutes worth, anyway)
Fruit crisps - apple and pear
Dinner with my family
Too many carbs at dinner with said family
Half a beer
A snuggle with my kid
Two loads of laundry
Some time on Facebook

None of it has worked thusfar. Here are the things I'm further contemplating:
The other half of the beer from dinner
Nice stiff shot of Crown Royal Reserve
Further research on my quest to learn to enjoy scotch
Five more loads of laundry
iPhone bingo
Some cheesy TIVO'd shows
A snuggle with my hubby
Wii boxing
Going to bed without doing the dishes
Crawling under a blanket and summoning a dog to sit on my lap and stare at the wall with me

I fear, though, that my efforts will be for naught. Truly what will settle me is having this mess at work behind me instead of looming large in the future. Whatever is coming up is big - I can feel it and I dread it.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what scenario I come up with in my mind, it won't be anything near the reality of the situation. Whatever shakes out probably won't be nearly as bad as the anticipation of it. Kind of like knowing you're gonna have a root canal - it's coming and you're afraid of it, but once it happens, things settle right back down. We can only hope.

I really truly need the next 42 hours or so behind me, and I'll own that. I've worked myself into a royal tizzy, and I expect to stay firmly planted there until about 5 pm on Thursday.

Cross your fingers that my head doesn't explode between now and then. And mark your calendars - I'm getting a root canal next week. This insanity will start all over again....


Shelly said...

Hello My E-Friend,

Look around, warm wishes and good thoughts are coming your way, swirling around your space sucking up all the bad.

If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.


Clarissa said...

You know in the past 5 years I have learned that what is going to happen tomorrow, the next day, the upcoming week etc.... you can not truly change what will drop in your lap. Write all the damn things down, throw the paper in a jar or in a ziplock baggie put it in the freezer, forget about it and get some sleep. The sleep will do you an absolute world of good when whatever news comes down the pipe. The sleep will keep you in check not an emotional roller coaster. This is from someone who for almost 6 years is certain she is on one hell of a roller coaster ride and wonder when she might just get to get back on the children's one just for a little while. Love