Friday, March 20, 2009

Shout out to!

It's with a mixture of pride, elation, and utter confusion that this morning I announce a link to my blog from a website I know absolutely NOTHING about. That's right, an honest to God link that someone put out there, back to my site.

I have a confession to make. I have, on occasion, rarely, once-in-awhile, posted a gratuitous comment or two on very popular blogs in an effort to bolster traffic to my own little slice of the internet. Ok. I've done it slightly more than occasionally. More like often. Don't judge me people.

But this is one site I've never even heard of. Clearly, I'm not urban, I'm rarely daily. I'm definitely not black. And although, I consider myself ruebenesque, I'm certainly not my own planet.

So when I started seeing hits from the website, I began to wonder...who are these people and why in the world do they care about me when I'm really more SuburbanIntermittent.CaucasianPlusSize?

Turns out when you use the phrase "Sometimes a Girl's Gotta Work That Pole," the cosmic electronic joke is on you. Thanks to the magic that is the metacrawler, I now have a potential whole new reader base. And a whole bunch of confused folks who ended up here.

So, my apologies to you fine folks who clicked over from UrbanDaily. I'm sure I'm not quite what you were expecting to see.

Doubleclick the photo below and look for the arrow. That's me!!

Peace out.


Shelly said...

Congratulations on Internet Superstardom!!

M--- said...

I implore you to not let cyber-stardom go to your head. One rude moob (aka Perez Hilton) is all I can deal with, seriously.

Congratulations though!